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Lebanon Turf
Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Herbicide: Coverage
Lebanon Proscape 16-0-8 with BARRICADE
Crabgrass & Broadleaf weed preventer
15,000 sq. ft.
Herbicide only – no fertilizer:
Lebanon Crab Grass Preventer 4.6 % Tupersan Can apply with new grass seeding 5,000 sq. ft.
Trimec Broadleaf Weed Killer – 20 lb. bag 10,000 sq. ft.
Combination Post & Pre-Emergent:
Lebanon Proscape 19-0-6 Dimension + Confront 3
For Crabgrass & Broadleaf weeds
14,000 sq. ft.
Fertilizer with Post-Emergence Herbicide:
Lebanon 25-0-8 with TRIMEC Broadleaf weed killer 15,500 sq. ft.
Fertilizer with Insect Control:
Lebanon Proscape 15-0-5 with Merit (Grub control)11,600 sq. ft.
Lebanon Merit .5G Insecticide (No fertilizer) 30 lb. bag20,000 sq. ft.
Straight Fertilizers:
Lebanon Proscape 32-0-6 16,000 sq.ft.
Lebanon Proscape 16-25-12 Starter Fertilizer Can apply with new grass seeding12,500 sq. ft.
12-12-12 (a good balanced fertilizer for lawn or garden)10,000 sq. ft.
8-16-20 (winterizer)10,000 sq. ft.
20-10-1010,000 sq. ft.
Pelleted Lime5,000 sq. ft.
PennMulch Seed Accelerator Fertilizer & Mulch for new grass seeding1,000 sq. ft.