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Derby Timothy
  • New!! Early maturing variety
  • Excellent winterhardiness and yield potential
  • Selected for improved regrowth after cutting
  • Excellent companion to legumes in mixtures
Benchmark Plus Orchardgrass

For Maximum Persistence Under Grazing
  • Superior forage yield
  • Ideal for pastures or hay
  • Early maturity
  • Great palatability
  • Selected for persistence under heavy grazing
  • Excellent plant vigor
  • Drought tolerant
  • Stem Rust resistance
  • Maximum persistence for haying or grazing
Extend Orchardgrass
  • Superior yield
  • Late maturity
  • Stem Rust resistance
  • Great palatability
  • Perfect for alfalfa or clover mixes
  • Increased stand persistence
  • Excellent plant vigor
  • Responds to irrigation
Flourish Tall Fescue
Flourish Tall Fescue
  • High yielding, endophyte free
  • Superior summer regrowth
  • High grazing preference due to sugar content
  • Great for winter stockpiling
  • Excellent persistence and drought tolerance
  • Wide area of adaptation

Flourish is an endophyte free, medium-late maturing tall fescue variety which eliminates concerns about fescue foot, bovine fat necrosis or fescue toxicosis in cattle. Two characteristics that make Flourish stand apart from other tall fescues are summer regrowth and grazing preference. Summer regrowth exceeds that of KY-31, Enhance and Max Q by 5%, 9% and 10% respectively when averaged over regions. This indicates better forage distribution throughout the growing season, reducing the summer slump that cool season grasses experience. After reviewing sugar content data from FFR trials, Flourish had the highest sugar content when compared to all other commercial and experimental varieties during first cutting. This explains why Flourish consistently ranks among the highest entries in cattle grazing preference trials. Widely adapted with excellent stem rust resistance, Flourish will perform like no other tall fescue variety available.
Gain Festulolium
  • Very high yielding
  • Fast germination & establishment
  • Vigorous regrowth
  • Palatable & nutritious
  • Minimizes summer slump

Gain is a vigorous, high yielding festulolium (meadow fescue x Italian ryegrass) which is ideally suited for silage and pasture production from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Northeast states. Gain has a leafy growth habit producing forage that is highly palatable and digestable. Gain is a great choice when you need a fast-starting, high forage-quality grass for silage or pasture, either mixed with legumes or as a pure stand.
BOOST Perennial Ryegrass
  • Superior yields of high-quality forage
  • Forage is highly palatable, digestible and nutritious for all livestock
  • Extremely high animal performance from pasture or silage
  • Vigorous, dark green plants with high disease resistance
  • Excellent seedling vigor for fast establishment of dense stands
  • Endophyte free
  • Persistent

Boost is a fantastic new tetraploid perennial ryegrass which shows remarkable yields and vigor in trials throughout the US. Livestock producers’ profit potential is greatly enhanced by the superior yield and feed quality of this exciting new variety. Boost was developed from a seven- clone polycross of plants derived from four proven tetraploid varieties. It falls in the medium maturity range for perennial ryegrasses.\

Boost had the top total dry matter yield among 20 perennial varieties in a recent multi-state trial. Boost yielded 108.5% of the trial mean, which is a 3% advantage over the 2nd place perennial variety. Boost also excelled for regrowth compared to the other varieties making it the best choice for producing tremendous tonnage of highly digestible ryegrass forage.

Boost is endophyte free and is an ideal component for horse, dairy or beef pasture mixes. It is fast to germinate and establish, making it ideal for pasture renovation whether by cultivation or no-till seeding. The rapid establishment and strong spring and fall growth makes Boost a great choice for mixing with deeply rooted perennial grass species in pasture, silage and hay mixtures. Boost shows strong rust and leaf disease resistance allowing its forage to remain palatable and digestible so animal performance is maintained. Give your forage an extra boost in performance and quality with Boost perennial ryegrass.
BESTFOR Intermediate Ryegrass
  • High forage quality
  • Good persistence
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Good grazing tolerance
  • Adapted for hay, silage and grazing
  • Rapid establishment
  • Traffic resistant
  • Improved digestibility
  • Disease resistant
  • Better summer yields
  • Tetraploid
  • Perennial

Bestfor can be used for hay or silage production, as well as intensive grazing, with excellent results. The fact that Bestfor is suited for haying as well as grazing makes it very useful in mixtures with other grasses and legumes. Compared to other hybrid ryegrasses, Bestfor has better disease resistance, and the regrowth after cutting has very few stems, which results in extremely high forage quality. Bestfor is the perfect choice for spring or fall overseeding of thinning pasture and alfalfa stands to increase productivity.
Marathon Reed Canarygrass
  • Leafy, high-yielding, perennial forage grass
  • Widely adapted
  • Performs well on wet, poorly-drained soils and soils with a PH below 6.0
  • very drought tolerant variety that can be used for hay, silage or pasture
  • Low alkaloid

Marathon has short rhizomes that spread, creating a dense sod. It has greater winterhardiness and is more resistant to foliar disease than other cool-season grasses. Use Marathon for hay, silage or pasture. When cut for hay or silage, quality is optimal before seed heads appear, and then rapidly declines. Forage yields are excellent in the spring and early summer and are fair to good in late summer and early fall. When used as pasture, grazing Marathon down to 3 to 4 inches above the ground will make the best utilization of the forage. Allow the grass to recover before regrazing, always keeping the grass below 12 inches tall during rapid spring growth.
Summer Grasses
Greengrazer V - Sorghum-Sudangrass
  • Small seeded and thin stemmed type
  • Dark green color with Green Top trait
  • Anthracnose and Downy Mildew resistant

Greengrazer V is a new small seeded three way cross with thin stems that are highly palatable. Regrowth after cutting is very fast. Greengrazer V is a dark green color and also possesses the Green Top trait, which allows for further extension of the plant. Planting Greengrazer V at higher populations will result in a finer stemmed forage. Finer stems will allow the forage to dry faster for higher quality hay than is possible with thick stemmed types.
Teff Grass
  • High Yield
  • Ideal for pastures
  • Great for horses and other livestock
  • Excellent palatability
  • Good for interseeding thin alfalfa

Teff Grass makes the ideal hay for horses with great palatability, digestibility, high iron and calcium content and an attractive green color. It tolerates drought conditions as well as wet soils. Teff grass is a low input crop with few disease or pest problems and doesn't require large amounts of fertilizer.