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Lawn Mixes:

At Kitchen Seed Company, we carry only the premium varieties of Bluegrass, Ryegrass and Fescue. Our turf seed products produce dense, dark green, wear tolerant lawns with excellent disease tolerance. We offer the following mixes of cool season turf grasses best suited for our area (Central Illinois):

KSC Lawn Mix

This is an excellent choice for new lawns or reseeding existing lawns.

KSC Grow-All Mix

An excellent lawn mix that grows well in all soil types and conditions. This is a favorite among Landscapers.

KSC Greenpathway

For a durable lawn with heavy traffic, this mix is a good choice for schools, parks or any area that gets a lot of wear.

KSC Shaded Green

A superior mix for moderate to heavily shaded lawns or lawns with poor soil quality.

KSC 5-way Turf Fescue Blend

For a hardy lawn with lush green color all season long. Rust resistant and drought tolerant. Excellent for parks and athletic fields.